PET Derby Gala Tickets / Next ship date April 5

Dear PET-Kin,

Tickets for the PET Derby Gala go on sale today, 1 April – no joke. I will bring some to the load-out on Thursday. We will have a good team for loading the 50 PETs. These will properly go to Med-Share in San Leandro. Our previous shipment is lingering at Med-Share waiting for Wheels for Humanity to arrange the transfer to their warehouse in West Hollywood.

The Fedex truck is scheduled to arrive at 10AM on Thursday, 5 April. Thanks for volunteering to help with the load-out.

The first attachment is only the second letter we have received from a distribution point. It’s hard to read but still, for me, invigorating. We now have 2 Rainbow PETs in Tonga. It may even be a new country. I’m not sure.

We have 100 T-Shirts on order. The back is of the 1000th PET. The front left breast is our logo with a banner waving “1000th”. They are a sand color and a nice contrast to the art work. The cost is $16.30 including tax. When they arrive (before 4 May), I’ll have them at the PET Shop.

Also, check out the recent mini-newsletter from PET International.

Dick Carpenter




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