PET Gala RSVPs / Rain delays shipment

Dear PET-Kin,

The first annual PET Derby Gala is coming together but we need to know how many people are coming. Please. If you plan to come and bring some friends, pick up some tickets in the PET Shop. If not Lois and I will be eating salmon and beef for the rest of eternity. Thanks.

Last night’s rain put another nail in the coffin of our 25th shipment. I had talked with Fedex on Tuesday and we thought next week might work if it didn’t rain. We’ll keep checking with the county but it may be week after next before we can get a truck to the shop.. Stay tuned. Lyle and Maurice were able to meet the truck hauling our tires at Wanderemere Golf Course: One down, one to go. The Home Schoolers who keep coming to the PET Shop return wonderful notes of “Thanks”. I’ve left one of the best in the shop. Tuesday did bring some great news for the metal fabricators who have been with us from the start.. Their businesses have picked up and they are rehiring men laid off. Also, InterMountain Fab is back in operation. Please join us in prayer that this is a continuous stream of business for them. Our next newsletter should be in the mail next week. Don worked diligently to get it ready before the PET Derby Gala. Ladies from his church led by Lea Rogers will be doing the folding and stuffing as we try to handle the mailing ourselves. Sunday I’ll be in Newport showing our DVD and speaking to a congregation there. We have a letter of “Thanks” from Tonga. Two of our Rainbow PETs somehow managed to “swim” themselves out to that island nation.

The last two ladies are carpenter girls!!!!!

Here’s Mel’s latest.

Dick Carpenter

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