Shipment 25 Details

Dear PET-Kin,

We’ve worked out a way to get our last shipment on the road. If you can, please be at the PET Shop next Tuesday, 24 April, by 9AM. We will need a lot of workers to make this easy on all of us. I just cleared this with Fedex. Here’s how will make it work:

  1. Highway 2 is open
  2. Along Highway 2 about a mile before Colbert Rd, there’s a fire station (District 4; Station 44) and a frontage road on the West side.
  3. The Fedex truck will be on that frontage Rd at 10AM.
  4. We need to start loading the packed PET onto the trailers starting as early as PET-Kin show up. We have 4 trailers and may need one truck to pull one of the trailers. Some one please volunteer to pull at 12” or 16’ trailer.
  5. The first trailer loaded will also take the roller and some PET-Kin to match up with the Fedex truck.
  6. As each subsequent trailer is loaded, it will also match up with the Fedex truck.
  7. Once all 50 PETs are in the Fedex truck, we can go our separate ways or I can have pizza ready at the PET Shop for a celebration and meeting.
  8. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOU CAN HELP. The more PET-Kin, the easier it will be on all of us.
  9. A camera may help us record this extra-ordinary effort. The PETs are loaded HEAVY for Wheels for Humanity.


Dick Carpenter

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