Christmas Blessing

Beloved PET-Kin,

When I sat down this morning, I was going to Thank You for the blessing you are to our ministry and to my life but as I opened the mail, this incredible letter was there. Adel is a friend within our church. She says it all about as well as it can be said. Enjoy.

Dear Friends,

I have been trying to write for several days, and somehow the words were not coming. This was one of the hardest years in my life:1972, 1981, 1992, 2002, and now 2012. With big regularity every ten years something happened. I have been sitting in the Hungarian church in San Diego, where the pastor was talking about forgiveness, love, blessings, leaving behind the heavy burdens, and picking up the everlasting light load of love.
I have been carrying heavy loads on my heart for several months. Here are some blessings of my life that I am gratefull for.
God was wonderful that I grew up with a father and mother, and I was not an orphan. God blessed me with a hard but a wonderful childhood where the leaves were burgers, the stones were silver wear and kitchen equipments, the sand was pepper, and chalk was salt in our imaginative world. We did not need legos, DS, video games, to keep our minds busy. We were so inventive as the world was laying at our feet with the whole Universe being our playground, with millions of resources in it. I was blessed that during the time my mother was sick close to 8 years, I had a gorgeous, wonderful great, patient grandmother and grandfather-I was not an easy child-, who managed to keep me alive during my attempts of climbing trees, shooting with slingshots, chasing the pigs to death, from being attacked from a rooster, and I was so happy when I saw it in the pot, and I could walk fearless in the yard.:)
I was blessed with the simplicity of life during communism that made me understand that no government, can take away from any of us the light at the end of the tunnel, where Jesus Christ is waiting for us. I was blessed that I was able to attend catechism lessons where I got to know church history, basic knowledge of Heidelberg Catechism and at age 14 I became Christian.
I was blessed with a wonderful brother with whom I fought so much that the neighbors thought my parents are bitting us every morning. They soon found out we were bitting each other:) I was blessed with his love, with his care later on in life for me. I would never ever exchange him to a new brother:) Though I thought about it.
I was blessed with lots of cousins, who I felt close to and I love them dearly. I was blessed that the house didn’t burn down during my cooking attempts at age 6 and up. I was blessed that I had a dog, Tisza, who came to our family when I arrived. I was blessed with living in a village where I collected gorgeous memories. I was blessed with being able to have boots, and ice skates, and warm coats when others didn’t have any. I was blessed with the ability to survive every injury and accident I had with bicycles.
I was blessed with the opportunity to study in several schools in different areas of life, and I was blessed with the support of my parents as long as I was practicing and trying to fly out from their protective nest. I was blessed with the pure fact that me and my family survived communism.
I was blessed with a father who made communism look non existent as long as he could, and he taught us how to stand straight even on the top of thin ice. I was blessed with a mother who was always very straight forward and taught me to stand up for my moral values even if the world is bullying you and wants you to lie.
I was blessed with talents from God, that I need to cherish better, and I was blessed with the opportunity to meat my husband in Hungarian folk dance camp. I am blessed that I could serve congregations, and I was blessed that God chose me to do so.
I am blessed with a kind loving caring man, who was always there for me in my struggles. I am blessed with two beautiful kids, Hanna and Norman. I am blessed that Hanna recovered from being paralyzed at birth and that she grew up to be a beautiful smart warm hearted little girl. I am blessed with my little monster, who is ready to roll over and do summer salts even when he is asleep.:)
I am blessed that I have been able to go home to Romania and be with my dad during his last months. I am blessed that I survived the circumstances of Romanian healthcare without going crazy. I am blessed that I could be there for the funeral of my dad. Although I am sad he is not here with me, I am blessed that he is not suffering anymore and with the fact that God kept him alive until I was able to tell him over and over and over again that he was a great dad and that he is going to be my everlasting big hero.

During my last stay on Romania I was blessed with the recognition of how beautiful is my family, how much I miss them, and how much the mean to me. We take our family so much for granted.
I decided to count my blessings after I heard today’s sermon and I realized how lucky I am even though I don’t always believe that.
And dear YOU who is reading this letter, I am blessed to know you, I am blessed that I met you and that you teach me day by day lessons of life that I could never live without. Loving family, caring friends, and our everlasting love of Christ helped me through this very hard year of my life.
I am blessed to be a believer and understand the real meaning of Christmas, that is not gifts but love, care, hope, sunshine and sunsets.
May the ever living son of God our Jesus Christ bring you a full box of love a house full with the Holy Spirit and a heart touched by the magic wand of God: LOVE
Merry Christmas to all of you. Thank you all for your love, help, support and kindness as you made my heart smile and revive after the loss of my father.
Yours in Christ

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