Looking for Transportation contacts

Dear PET-Kin,

Our Project is going well. If you have not yet seen our new heater, you’re standing in the cold. Unfortunately, it’s so efficient, we really need some very cold weather to let it show itself off. We are almost halfway to our 31st shipment. In fact, the team has become so productive, I’m growing concerned that we may be having too many shipments per year. That’s not a factor yet but I’m thinking about it.

We do have one need for which I will solicit all to consider all of the contacts in your life to see if we can get 8 battery boxes (heavy) filled with axels, bearings and bushings from Logan, Utah to Spokane. We have the opportunity to get them from Galien, Michigan to Logan without cost. So far none of our trucking supporters go that way. Please let me know if you know a way to accomplish that goal.

Our Canadian wood has proven to be a great gift to the ministry . I especially love the alderwood. It has a quality I’ve never seen in a wood before. John Marshall is the PET-Kin who drives to Vancouver to pick the wood up and bring it to Bellingham. Peninsula Truck Lines brings it to Spokane for us. Our wood cutters have done a great job in managing the different lengths of wood to make them into the sizes we use. We must also give great kudos to our PET-Kin painters. They have done heroic work in priming and painting many more boards than they have been used to. They will be back next week to keep slapping the paint. Cindy Perger has helped me greatly by taking down the painted boards and flouring them.

Dick Carpenter

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