New team members, our status=busy!

Dear PET-Kin,

We are 1360 and looking at 1389 for the next shipment. We have 3 new men coming onto the team. Jim Price started Thursday last and Tom Crowe will bring the other two on Monday. I’m hoping to have them work the T-W shift(s). Dave and Carol Rasor have been working to stay ahead of us as they leave Sunday for about a month. Dave has been welding sprockets, frames and forks like crazy. Carol must have 40 “To-Go” boxes finished. Cindy Perger has come along side her and has learned how to put them together. Larry Stevens will be picking up 100 sets of parts for forks on Monday. We will have to find a place to store them probably in my barn. Larry also will drop off 20 forks at Apex on Monday. We shipped 2 packed boxes to Bellingham via Peninsula Truck Lines which will end up in Germany in June to an International Lions Convention. And, God love them, Peninsula delivered them right to John Shaffer’s garage. This makes 4 we have cherry picked from this current load which means we have 4 more to make to replace them. The other 2 are going to Mexico via Montana.
Our new heater requires “kerosene” and I’ve found it costs $7 a gallon! I’ve been told we can burn light weight diesel in so today I’ll be looking for that and a container to put it in. I found one for $18!!!

Dick Carpenter

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