Making progress despite illness

Beloved PET-Kin,

Our 31st shipment is set for Tuesday 26 March at 10AM. We will be sending 70 PETs to Med-Share out of San Leandro, CA. Please let me know if you can help with the load-out.

Our newsletter is almost finished and should be in the mail about the same time. I’m going to Seattle on Wednesday and will return late on Monday. Saturday evening I take our granddaughter to see and hear the Brothers 4! Our Project has been in disarray this week as we have sick people and PET-Kin are trying to fill in the gaps. Please pray for Harvey, our upholsterer, as he has congestive heart failure. Eldon and Karl are working together on that issue. John and Wayne are working the lack of brakes. That was caused when Gene’s Mom died and he couldn’t make any parts. We will soon have 400 sturdy upper chain guards from Apex. Butch has been a big help in moving a PET out to their shop and back again. Maurice has made some rails for seats. With all of this we have maintained a steady pace. We will need some one to step forward to start making cleats and parking brake guides as Lyle has had to step back for personal reasons. Our new heater works well but consumes far more fuel than we were led to believe. The test will come if and when we get a cold winter. We received 100 sets of fork parts — the difficult one — from Haskins steel. We think our frustration with forks is over. Wayne has kept us in pedal posts, brake rods and more. God has blessed this ministry in so many ways but with men and women committed to his work. It is a joy to be involved. Thanks to each one and all of you who make this ministry go!

Financially, we are in good shape. All of our bills are paid except for 400 bearings on their way.

If you do not have a PET T-Shirt or cap and want one or both, please let me know when I return.

Dick Carpenter

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