PET WA-Inland Northwest’s local shop history

Dick Carpenter’s passion for PET was sparked by a story in the local paper.  Mel West in Columbia, MO sent a PET for a CROP Walk display.  Dick, who is our shop director and known as our “Chief PET Logistician”, was a student of international issues and having worked overseas and been a missionary in several countries, the connnection between the PET and the need was readily apparent to him.  Dick contacted Dave, the man presenting the PET on display for the CROP Walk, and Dave brought the PET over to Dick’s barn. Dick’s spirit “told” him to get involved so he contacted Larry Hills out of PET FL-Penney Farms, a PET International training site for PET affiliate workshops. Larry and his PET partners invested 5 days training Dick to build PETs and the logistics of getting PETs   shipped to those who need them.

Building PETs here has many challenges, one of the biggest being that Dick’s barn is the place of assembly but is too small for the space demands of the entire project such as:   inventory management of all of the parts, a place to hang PET parts waiting to be painted, a place for PETs that have been assembled and awaiting shipment, etc.  Pieces and parts and sub-assemblies of PETs are built in surrounding volunteers’s garages, workshops, etc and then brought together for assembly at Dick’s barn.

In fact, our surrounding area and supporters grew so quickly that we had to go with “The Inland NorthWest PET Project” because God expanded us way beyond our original plan as PET Spokane!  It started in Idaho, then to Portland, then to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula, then to the Puget Sound, and eventually to Alaska!  We have been blessed with many supporters and are greatful for their participation in providing the Gift of Mobility.

Since inception in 2005 through September 2010, almost 700 PETs have been built, offering 700 people the Gift of Mobility, lifting them out of the dirt into a life of hope and dignity.

Please see PET International’s history for additional information about the overall PET Project Ministry history timeline.  Please visit PET International for additional details about PET Project Philosophy and PET Design constraints.