Rainbow PET

Rainbow painted PETs

Rainbow painted PETs

We like to call ourselves “The Home of the Rainbow PET” because we paint our PETs bright cheerful colors as you can see in these photos.  Living a life in the dirt is drab and dreary.  In addition to lifting them out of the dirt, our PETs are painted bright cheerful colors they can be proud to own and operate.

Rainbow PET Close Up Our Mascot: “Perky PET”

Rainbow PET Close Up

Rainbow PET Close Up (click to view larger photo)

Our Mascot:  "Perky PET"

Our Mascot: “Perky PET”

Our cheery rainbow colors were inspiration for our mascot–“Perky PET”.  Perky PET is an essential member of The Inland Northwest PET Project — Please read more about Perky PET ‘s creation story.

Our 1000th PET!

Our 1000th PET!

Major Milestone–We have completed our 1000th PET!

Thank you to all our donors and volunteers.